Solar Power

Despite the abundance of solar power that is available, South Sudan mostly relies on diesel for its electricity generation capacity.  With Greenspark, many villages, towns and industrial energy consumers can benefit of large scale solar power plants for their electricity generation capwq2Q1acity. Solar power plants can feed into a national grid, feed into an isolated grid or into existing diesel powered grids. Green Spark provides turnkey construction and professional consulting services for solar photovoltaic and integrated renewable energy technologies.  The team designs, engineers, builds and integrates roof top and ground mount power photovoltaic generation systems. Welcome to our engineering world!

Design + Concept development

Green Spark cooperates with world leading technology providers in developing solar  plants. Our value proposition is focused on delivering strong consultative performance ensuring the best-engineered and constructed solar power plant for the lowest total lifecycle cost – providing maximum value to your organization and mitigating your risk.

System installation

Design and Concept development: Green Spark and its top-quality suppliers offer years of experience with designing turnkey standalone and grid connected solar power concepts. Firstly, Green Spark will perform a quick assessment what energy solution fits the requirements the best. After this initial assessment, a full technical and financial-economical feasibility can be performed, after which a full technical design study  can be prepared before commissioning. Finance for both private project developers and governmental bodies, Green Spark can invest into your project. We invest in theform of a grant (governments) or a combination of debt and equity. Welcome to our engineering world!


Commissioning and operational phase: After the design, drawing, consulting, supervision, construction and installation, the system will be commissioned following standardized testing and administrative procedures. Green Spark offers maintenance and operational expertise during the lifetime of the project to optimize OPEX and up-time of the power plant. We have assisted clients in achieving there goals all over the globe. Together with entrepreneurs, Greenspark provides an access to a network of partners and services in order to serve our primary goal: continue to support the South Sudanese nation in developing its first- and second economic sectors. Welcome to our engineering world!

Customer support

Please do feel to contact us when you would like to speak to one of our engineers regarding the design, construction and commissioning of your project or when you feel you would like to know more abot the potential of harnassing photovoltaic energy potential in your region. The Greenspark team is ready to serve you!