Smart grid Power

A clever way to control energy consumption: The Smart metering solution!
independent power producers, agricultural farmers, manufacturers and small businesses are continiously looking for innovative solutions to better control and reduce electricity consumption. Greenspark is offering smart grid solutions to clients that are seeking to understand their energy consumption, control of energy usage and predict electricily costs or billing.
Through innovative technologies, Greenspark offers a wide range of services within the smart grid sector and advises clients on system design and demand load mapping in order to provide the client with an opportunity to reduce costs.

Smart metering and Innovation

An intelligent electricity metering grid in your factory, business or home is what everybody wants when you want to: (1) Reduce electricity costs, (2) Control usage of electricity and (3) Predict electricity billing for the upcoming month.
Pre-metering systems have been widly implemented in Asia and America where:(1) Energy consumption is unpredictable, (2) Illigal energy consumption is common, (3) Energy usage is desired as monitored, (4) reduce machinery operation time and (5) Monitoring of electricity and allocation of usage to a client or reference. When you seek an efficient, sustainable but affordable solution: Welcome to the our engineering world!

Industry and processing

Smart metering as a solution to inefficient energy consumption and high bills.
Greenspark can assist clients in the manufacturing industry to control and monitor its electricity network from one single room. Through energy cards, each machine operator has independently access to the manufacturing equipment through a unique login code.

SME’s, hospitals and schools

Smart metering as a solution to maximize efficiency of available energy.
Smart grids can assist private power producers, hospitals, schools and SME’s with an intelligent electricity network that will predict energy consumption of customers, patients,students and employees of your institution or business. 


Smart grid solutions provide a unique service to the project and can be customized to the needs of the client. Greenspark works in collaboration with reliable partners who have a proven track record within this innovative market.  When you are seeking innovative solutions to monitor expenses and maximize profit of the business: Welcome to our engineering world.

Home steads

Making sure that the electricity paid for is directed to the needs of your family, smart metering might be the solution for you.
Children can spend hours of valuable studying time behind the computer playing games.
Control your consumption of energy: Welcome to our engineering world!