Distribution Power

Green Spark’s Electricity Transmission- and Distribution Services offer professional expertise in the field of electrical systems to transport electricity from generation capacity to the end consumer. From governance, due diligence, strategy, system design, system planning, construction to operating and maintaining electrical assets, Green Sparks consultants provide the technical advise.
Our expertise, your profit: Greenspark maintains a track record of transmission- and distribution projects in East Africa and continues to expand its activities over the African continent. The company understands the agricultural- and industrial sectors and is able to advise business clients and domestic customers alike.

Design and Concept Development

Greenspark is your partner in energy: Through its expertise and unique partnership structure, Greenspark is in a position to provide the client with a broad range of services that range from base design through grid load simulations to construction and commissioning. We work with reliable partners from services to equipment manufacturers sectors.

System installation

Greenspark works within the range of 415V up to 220KV, we assist the client with substation design, construction design, procurement and installation and commissioning. Our team of engineers develop a turn-key project or collaborates with the client on preferred sub contracting assignments within the transmission sector.

Greenspark works with technology proven concepts: Our company works with reliable equipment manufacturing partners within the sector. The team has a vast experience within the agricultural-, energy- and manufacturing sectors. Together with these partners, we are assist South sudanese businessmen and governments in commercial development of the nation.

Erection and interconnection

Greenspark’s team understands its business from A-Z: Within the transmission sector, we understand the need of reliability of access to electricity for commercial ventures. Greenspark provides a number of options for the client in order to secure sustainable operation of their operations: (1) Greenspark builds the line and a PPA is negotiated, or:
Greenspark delivers a turn-key project and is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the grid.
Grid interconnection: Greenspark has a vast experience with interconnection of separate generation systems, ranging from a combination of different renewable energy resources to feed-in systems to sell your energy to the national grid.

Customer Support

Our technical- and customer support team understand that clients should be making well informed and sound based decisions before seeking to invest into the transmission sector.
All you need of a reliable transmission partner: welcome you to our engineering world!