Design Power

Customized parts, design of production machines and CAD designers.
Greenspark is working with reliable partners within the mechanical engineering sector which have developed an expertise within the: (1) CAD design, (2) Part design, (3) Pattern development, (4) production and casting of parts and lastly (5) manufacturing and assembly of machines.
In collaboration with its partners, Greenspark is able to design, develop and manufacture any part or machine that is needed to achieve your commercial goals. Greenspark is proud to represent its partners within the mechanical engineering sector and serve Southern Sudan with the development of its industry.

Design and Concept Development

Looking for a partner to optimize production or simply create a new business?
Our engineering team is ready to assist you with both options and serve your commercial goals through our CAD design- and casting partner. We can promise you one thing: nothing is impossible when the solution rests within our expertise: welcome to our world!

Part Manufacturing

Looking for a machine part or simply a new solution?
Greenspark its partners assist clients to maintain and operate their manufacturing plants, develop efficient- and innovative engineering solutions, reduce manufacturing time and establish factory maintenance manuals for a various range production plants.

Assembly and Installation

Whether you are looking for a part assembly or complete installation of your equip-
ment: Greenspark engineering team is there to assist you!
Starting a new business within the manufacturing sector can be a cumbersome and long process. Greenspark can assist you with making the right choice of equipment for your production activities. Together with its partners, we will undertake the best possible job in order for our clients to reach their commercial goals. Our engineering team and partners are continuously seeking for innovative solutions that will serve the manufacturing sector within Africa on a sustainable level. Welcome to our engineering world!

Customer Services

When you have any additional inquiries or simply are insecure whether we could assist you, please feel free to contact our technical team! Greenspark continues to develop and expand its activities to serve the agricultural-, energy-, manufacturing- and heavy industry sectors in Southern Sudan.