2011 - Feasibility study for a 1MW solar/wind project in Madagascar
Complete feasibility study presentable to finance institutions, focusing on a 500kWp solar and 500kW wind hybrid power project. Feed into existing diesel powered isolated grid.
2011 - 3.5 kWp PV system design and supply for Nigeria
Design and supply of a complete 3.5 kWp standalone PV system for a university in the South of Nigeria. System will power a ICT department, in addition to grid and diesel backup.
2011 - Feasibility Study 1MWp grid connected PV system - Ontario, Canada
Comparative feasibility analysis considering fixed, single axis and double axis solar PV plant ranging from 850kWp to 1.3MWp grid connected benefiting from Feed In Tariff.
2010 - Design, supply and installation of several multi-kW solar systems for NGO Kenya
An NGO in Eastern Kenya has requested the design, the supply and the installation of standalone systems for an orphanage, staff housing for a school, for a lab, etc. The installation is realized in co-junction with an Kenyan PV supplier to ensure proper after-sales services.
2010 - Projectmanager for installation of 24kWp solar system
Managed the installation of 8 x 3kWp grid connected solar systems on existing building complex in the Netherlands.
2010 - 10kW solar powered water pumping systems in Mauritania
Design, supply and turn-key installation of two 10kWp solar powered water pumping systems for drinking water supply and agricultural project. Providing 20,000 villagers of 300m3/day clean drinking water and opportunity to start agricultural activities.
2009 - Projectmanager for installation of 150 grid-tied solar systems
Managed the installation of 150 x 1.4kWp grid connected solar systems on existing housing complex in the Netherlands. 
2009 - Solar Water Pump and solar systems for clinic, office and residence in Mauritania
Design, supply and turn-key installation 
of different solar systems: 10kW solar for water pumping (150m3/day) for drinking water supply and agriculture. Some 1kWp-2kWp systems for a clinic, a school and a residence/office in Mauritania. 
2008 - Developed OEM solar energy product package
Developed a complete product line for solar energy systems: crystalline modules, deep cycle batteries, CFL energy saving lamps, etc. Scouting of potential manufacturers, developing technical standards and requirements, import procedures, etc.
2007 - Matchmaking and establishment of Joint Venture in Ethiopia
Matchmaking between Ethiopian and Dutch company resulting in the establishment of SolarMan, an Ethiopian Joint Venture. Acquired PSOM (now PSI) subsidy, established joint venture and started operations of the business in less than 9 months. Business focuses on sales and projects for solar energy.
2006 - Feasibility for supply chain development in Ethiopia and Sudan
Actor analysis and the formulation of supply chain development strategies. Research on needs for supporting supply chain and small entrepreneurs in developing the market for solar energy products. Result: in 2007 Free Energy Foundation (now: Rural Energy Foundation) began permanent support activities in Ethiopia and executed training activities in Sudan.
2006 - Actor analysis and matchmaking Ethiopia and Sudan
Research of market potential and business strategies in Sudan and Ethiopia for PV solar energy. Scouting of potential business partners. Advice formulated on market entrance strategy. Result: exports of first container of solar modules to largest business conglomerate in Sudan.