Business Developement

2012 - Business Finance Proposal for a solar company in South Sudan
Writing of an application for a €1.4 mln grant proposal for a Company focusing on rural electrification through Solar Energy.
2011 - Business Finance Proposal for 75 kWp solar powered smart grid in Madagascar
Successful application for a €1.2 mln grant proposal for a village based standalone smart grid, powered by a 75 kWp solar PV system. The smart distribution system includes a power/energy management feature for balancing supply and demand. It is complemented by smart metering and an accounting system.Granted May 2011.
2010 - Business Finance Proposal for Solar Energy Company in Afghanistan
Proposal for a 150 kWp solar project in Uruzgan and development of rural dealer network to market solar LED lamps and mobile telephone chargers. Total project budget €1.8 million.
2009 - Business Finance Proposal PSI for project in Burkina Faso
Subsidy proposal for PSI funding of rural electrification project in Burkina Faso. Total project budget €735,000.
2009 - Business Finance proposal for a project in Burkina Faso
Initiated and written a proposal for Dutch Daey Ouwens Fund for financing rural electrification project. Total project budget €690,000. Included writing of a business plan, financial budgeting and projection, logical framework, etc.
2007 - Successful PSOM Business Finance Proposal for establishing joint venture Ethiopia
PSOM (currently PSI) proposal drafted and successfully applied for. Subsidy used for establishment of joint venture in Ethiopia to develop and tap solar energy market. Total investment capital €750,000 (60% subsidy). Responsible for complete process, including administration and reporting during execution of the subsidy project.